Dead RPs RP Redux

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Essentially the same premise (more or less) as the original Death of Mayhem RP. There are a few differences, as this has a different GM.

The following has been taken from the first post of the discussion thread:

A small moogle (we're talking the FF9 variety here, folks) in a black robe patterned with stars walks in, the robe seeming to shift as though it was a window to the stars themselves.


You may call me the Moogle of Mayhem, kupo. I come here with a gift to you authors, who saw your creations fall into the ages before their time.

A place for them to live again, saved from their plight by the resurgence of creative force. Pretty neat, huh, kupo?

He pads along, then swirls his hand, generating an image of a simple structure looking like a building set entirely around a planet, not too big, but enough to accommodate a good number of people in relative comfort.

This is the Redux Hub, kupo. A haven for those who's worlds lost their creative power, but who themselves managed to retain the interest of their creators.

He then turns to the apparent camera, smiling. Authors, now is your chance to have that second chance, kupo. A chance for your creations to have a second chance at life. Welcome to the Dead RPs RP, kupo.



Note: "&" indicates that characters are a "pair" (same player, not able to be played separately); "and" indicates that characters are from the same RP, but are not a pair.

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